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jackky: 2013 Anti-Trade Value- The Five Worst Co

2013 Anti-Trade Value- The Five Worst Co

25 Aug 2017 at 06:06am
Last week, I experienced the 50 best a sets in baseball, as rated by overall trade value according to their performance, age, and contract status. Today, we finish up the Trade Value series using the five players farthest from making their email list. This is the Anti-Trade Value list; the people who would be nearly impo sible to trade due to their outsized contracts and undersized performances.The collect notion: Beware the maturing slugger.#5Prince Fielder (1B) AgePABB%K%AVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWAR2943411.5 %17.Three percent.269.362.453.354122-6.6-2.50.9Under Team Control Through 2020: $24M per yearMaybe its just a slump. Good players have mediocre stretches, as well as Fielders down season, hes still posting a 122 wRC+. Perhaps he finishes strong and provides some more elite offensive seasons for that Tigers.Thats a lot of ifs and maybes for $168 million within the next seven years. Fielder wasnt highly prized by many people teams as a free agent because of the costs a sociated with a supersized DH-in-the-making and also the historically poor aging curves of position players carrying much weight. The first year of his deal turned out just fine for Detroit, but when 2013 is the start of a trend, this deal might get ugly in a rush.Fielder is among the worst defenders Robert Golden Jersey and worst baserunners in the sport. Hes only good if hes mashing, and right now, hes not mashing. One dimension players making $24 million each year need to be among the games best hitters to po se s value, even though Fielder could easily get back to that much cla, a group would have to po se s a considerable amount of confidence in a rebound in order to take him from the Tigers hands.He certainly isnt untradeable, especially given the insufficient bats available on the market right now. Id imagine Detroit may even get another team to pick up the majority of the remainder of his deal. Even coming off a mediocre season, I saw Fielder getting $120 million over seven years from the team desperate for a cleanup hitter. But that is still well shy of the items Detroit is paying him, and also the Tigers would have to start working lots of cash in order to move his contract.Estimated Cost to Trade: $48 million#4Josh Hamilton (OF) AgePABB%K%AVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWAR323876.7 %25.3 %.223.279.409.297890.71.60.6Under Team Control Through 2017: $15M, $23M, $30M, $30MIt was le s than a year ago that Hamilton incited antique dealer war. In addition to the Angels, the Mariners reportedly offered Hamilton $100 million over four years, with a couple of team options that may push it to $150 million over six years. So, maybe $103 million over 4 years with no team options now shouldnt be completely immovable.Except Hamilton has been worse than anyone could have po sibly imagined. There were indicators, sure, however a .223/.279/.409 line that means an 89 wRC+? Paul Lang Jersey As bad as Hamiltons plate discipline is, this really is still way below any reasonable forecast entering the growing season. But its the type of performance that justifies why the Rangers just showed little curiosity about retaining him, and also the type of performance that suggests the end may be closer than we may have thought.Hamilton, right now, projects as a good average player when hes healthy, which is not something can really rely on with him. This may be the kind of season that would relegate him to a one year pillow contract, as hes lost his only real valuable skill at age-32. If he'd this kind of season a year ago, maybe he ends up using Jacob Hagen Jersey the qualifying offer and playing for $13 million to try and recover.For a guaranteed four more years, I cant see any team being prepared to review $40 million, leaving $63 million in dead money. Its not just how the mighty have fallen, but exactly how quickly the mighty have fallen, that is the amaze here.Estimated Cost to Trade: $63 million#3Ryan Howard (1B) AgePABB%K%AVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWAR333177.3 %30.0 %.266.319.465.332110-1.2-3.00.4Under Team Control Through 2017: $25M, $25M, $25M, $10M buyoutYouve probably read enough concerning the Ryan Howard contract by now. Its been a running joke for a long time, and it is probably going to drop among the least productive contracts in sports history. While other deals have turned bad after getting signed, this really is most likely the last contract to be a clear disaster from the minute of conception, and because of the increasing education of baseball executives, it may be the last of its breed.The great news is that the end is within sight. While its an utter waste of almost the whole $85 million, it'll only limit the Phillies for 3 more seasons, as well as the buyout cost in 2017. Howard is unlikely to supply much value during the remaining years on the deal, but those years are ticking away, and that he wont hamstring the franchise for your considerably longer.Estimated Cost to Trade: $70 million#2Alex Rodriguez (3B/SS) AgePABB%K James Harrison Jersey %AVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWAR371116310.9 %18.2 %.300.384.560.40114417.336.1111.3Under Team Control Through 2017: $25M, $21M, $20M, $20MThe salary is detrimental, but the circus that surrounds him is a nice big deterrent with other teams too. Rodriguezs combination of health problems and never ending link to PEDs lead him to just about untradeable before you factor in the large salary. Put those activities together and theres probably not a person hanging around that would generate le s curiosity about the trade market.On performance alone, Rodriguez is one of the best players of all time. Its bad that this type of career will end by doing this.Estimated Cost to Trade: $86 million#1Albert Pujols (1B) AgePABB%K%AVGOBPSLGwOBAwRC+FldBsRWAR334199.3 %12.Four percent.252.325.434.324107-1.0-3.10.5Under Team Control Through 2021: $23M, $24M, $25M, $26M, $27M, $28M, $29M, $30MIf youre wondering, thats $212 million within the next eight years. Not just did the Angels give Pujols a ma sive contract, but they backloaded it, so after the first two seasons finish, theyll still have only paid him $28 million of the $240 million he was guaranteed. Basically, the Angels borrowed heavily from the future in Daniel McCullers Jersey order to finance their 2012 and 2013 playoff runs. Oops.Unlike a few of the other names about this list, Pujols would be sought after when the Angels made him available. He was nearly a +4 WAR player this past year, even though hes regre sing, he still projects as a very good player for the short term. But 8/212 is really far beyond what he would actually get as a free agent, the Angels would have to send acro s the biggest check in sports history to make Pujols decline years someone elses problem.Best case scenario, I believe a group might talk themselves into Pujols as a $15 million each year player for the following four years. I saw him obtaining the Nick Swisher contract, basically. Theres enough reason to think he could still hit for some more years, and provide enough short term value to make that sort of contract a practical risk for any contender. But thats 4/60, leaving $152 million in dead money. Rodriguez and Howard combine for around $156 million in dead money. Basically, the Pujols contract is really as toxic as the next two worst contracts in baseball put together.Its a good thing the Angels have Mike Trout.Estimated Cost to Trade: $152 million

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