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rsgoldfast: Playing on a controller is Tera gold

Playing on a controller is Tera gold

5 Mar 2019 at 11:51pm
Every MMO better get their expansion package, beta creators pack etc out fast, because WoW route and expansion is coming. They shaking in their boots.

Playing on a controller is Tera gold only irritating when playing a class that has a slew of abilities. Most courses though I had no problems playing with a controller and no problems using the trigger buttons to change pages to use skills(seems people have issues with this for some reason).

However, the actual problem with the console versions, and also its a substantial one, is that they are exactly the red-headed measure child of a red-headed step kid.

There are bugs galore which are not being fixed(dont play Archer if you PvP) and there's no update program (except possibly to add from the buy Tera items courses which have been in the game for decades ).

Its like they threw it on console simply to get some more money from console people that havent played it on PC and now dont care about it cant be bothered. It took me like 10 seconds to even understand what the hell I had been looking at in that picture.

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