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Deleted Member: The strange yet exciting job part 1

The strange yet exciting job part 1

24 Feb 2011 at 03:21am
So this is my second attempt so lets see how this goes.

So i took up a job as a temp to help with the payments, money and jobs is tough to come by these days so i took what i could. The ad in the newspaper was a little stange i must say but, hey, in this day and age any paying job is better than living on the street. i put only my best outfit which comprised of knee length pin stripe pencil skirt, white silk blouse, black nylon stockings and 4.5" stillettos. i got on a bus and after a while arrive at the address. Again it looks strange, not what i expected from a temp agency but then again what do i know?
i walk in and am greeted by a sexy petit blonde secretary. She glanced up at me with a quizzical look.
"Can I help you?" she asks.
"Uhm, im here for the temp position." i reply.
She looks me up and down and gets this strange smile on her face, kind of a "I know something you dont know" smile.
"Sit over there, Mr. Matterson will be with you shortly."
i obey and sit on the uncomfortable seats in the waiting room, after a few minutes of boredom i pick up a random magazine and start flipping through it. Not long after the blonde secretary says "You can go in now.".
i get up and walk briskly towards Mr. Matterson's office door and knock.
"Come in." a voice replies from inside.
i slowly open the door and slide into the office. Again not what i expected. The office was sparce at best.
"Sit down." Mr. Matterson says without looking up from his computer.
i sit down and wait patiently. Finally he turns his screen off and looks over to me.
"Ah so you are the new applicant? Stand up and turn around, let me have a look at you." he says quietly but forcefully. i find this a very strange request, but hey who am i to say anything? i have only been to two interviews in my whole life. i put my handbag down and slowly stand up. i push the chair away alittle and slowly turn around.
"Put your hands behind your head."
i obey and i continue turning around until i face him again.
"Very nice. So what are your 'talents'?" he asks with a strange tone to his voice. i pause a bit and ponder about the question.
"Uhm, well, im not certain. i suppose i can take orders well and am pretty obident. i am also not afraid to try new things and get on the job training." i reply cautiously.
"Mmmm, I can see that. Right so be here tomorrow at 9:00 sharp."
"Er ok i guess the interview is over?" i ask, not wuite sure what just happened.
"Yes that is it, you will receive further instructions tomorrow." he says nonchalently and turns back to his computer screen.
i bend down and pick my handbag up and turn to the door. i open it and as i am leaving i turn back and i could have sworn i saw him look at my arse but he looked away to his screen at that moment so i couldnt be sure. On the ride back home i was thinking about the strange interview and found myself a little aroused. Was that strange? Was this abnormal? i know i always liked being told what to do but i cant remember ever being aroused by it, as is i can feel some slickness between my thighs and i was very aware of my stockings and my lacey black boyshorts. If this is so wrong why does it feel so good? i find myself wondering with a mixed sense of fear and excitement concerning tomorrow. What is this all about? What have i gotten myself into? Why am i getting so excited again?

To be continued...


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