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Seekers: What we want

What we want

27 Feb 2011 at 04:13pm
Healthy, happy, sane couple who wishes to enjoy a submissive, masochistic biological woman who wants to explore her pain, humiliation, degradation limits. We are open to latex, rubber and other fetish play as well. The intention is to start out with no strings attach and grow this into a 24/7 live in situation. We are interested in extreme play and absolute submission from the subject. This should be a good idea what we are looking for
We will happily provide references so that you know this is no scam. You can also read more about us on as Herowner (Master) and slaveblog (myself) on .
We are quite aware that collarme is ripe with scams and people not truly interested in meeting in real life. Please do not contact us or reply to our emails if you are not interested in serving a couple. We will provide you with picture proof that we exist and as soon as we are all comfortable we will ask for voice verification and further chats.
Who are we looking for?


We have found that we are more interested in a woman older than 25. However this is mostly about maturity and nothing else and as such that is not a hard limit for us.

We would of course like for the individual to be local, but in all reality we do not care where you are right now. The possibility of relocation is always open as the end-goal for this search is to have a live in toy with no worries of how to run her life.
Are you looking for a sub or slave or switch

It really does not matter to us what you identify as now. We are looking for a submissive female willing to become a toy. Someone that is cherished and cared for, yet understands that this is not a polyamorous home.
Are you looking for "real time" play

The answer to that should be obvious, this is for a real time in the flesh relationship. What we are looking for in a toy and what we are planning to do with her is best described on our tumblr which you can view here
It reflects well what our wishes are. My fetishes and kinks and the writings on my own and my slaves Web-site also reflect what we would like from this.
Is there a special kink that you are specifically looking for.

We are looking for someone that is ultimately willing to be a toy. An object for pleasure. Someone that knows they are incredibly cherished and cared for and will never be harmed, yet they understand that they will not be loved in the classical sense of a relationship. We want to provide an experience where that individual may serve and nothing more.
Are you new to the Lifestyle

I have been around for around 14 years and my slave has been around for about the same amount of time.
Are you willing/able to relocate?

Yes, we would be willing to help relocate the right person. Of course that is up to the person coming to join us in good time!
Closing Statement

In closing I would like to add that I understand we are not unique in out desire for this. There are enough ads posted by couples and I believe each can offer a unique experience. My slave and myself have been looking on and off for around 19 months and it has resulted in some very interesting experiences. If you are interested in learning how we are as a couple I am more than happy to put you in touch with our ex-pet which spent a year with us.
Relationships are complex to begin with and this is a complicated step for anyone, thus be not shy and say hello. Even if this ends up in only one new friendship the post itself was worth it!


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