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Deleted Member: First day on the job

First day on the job

28 Feb 2011 at 05:39am
So i spent the weekend with Johnny (ie Johnny Walker Black) and gave the prospect of the temp job serious consideration. On the one hand i wasnt keen on the whole prospect of being a high paid hooker, on the other hand Mr. Matterson (David) said that sex wasnt an absolute and it is a lot of money which i really did need. So by Sunday i had decided to go for it, besides i liked the idea and found it rather sexy.
Monday morning i got up and got into the shower and cleaned myself as i usually do. i pick out a stylish yet sexy tight black cotton spandex dress with black stockings and black 6" stilletto heels.
i looked at the contract and decided that there wasnt really anything to really discuss further so i signed it in full. i got on the bus that took me to the building, i walked into the office, greeted the petite blonde secretary and swaggered to Mr. Matterson's office and knocked.
"Come in."
i opened the door and swayed in.
"Ah Kimberly I assume by the fact that you are here you have decided to join our little group." it wasnt a question.
"yes Mr. Matterson." i replied quietly.
"What did I tell you!" he commanded.
"Sorry David."
"Right so lets see the contract so we know where we stand."
i handed the contract over to him and he started leafing through it glancing up at me every now and then.
"Right well everything seems in order. Was there any questions?" he inquired.
"No just when can i start?"
"Right away. We have a very special client that has very special needs. Go to the room we met in last time and you will find the outfit you are expected to wear as well as further instructions. You can go now." there was little left of that kindness and gentleness, he was now the boss and that was it.
"Yes Sir." i dont know why i did that but it just felt right.
i left the office and went down the hall to where we met on Friday. i opened the door and walked in. On the table there was something in a black suit bag and a printed sheet which i assumed was the instructions. i gingerly move towards the bag and zip it open. i carefully take the outfit of the bag and gasp slightly in mixed shock and excitement. It was a sexy french maids outfit made of vinyl. There was also black fishnet stockings and 6" pumps that strapped around the ankle (it reminded me of something a sexy Alice would wear). i lay the outfit on the table and moved over to the page and started to read what was written on it. All it said was put on the outfit, spread your legs and put your hands behind your head. i looked back at the little outfit and felt my pussy started getting moist. i start undress, i slip the straps off first and peel the dressdown my lithe body revealing my my matching black lace bra and boyshorts. i step out of the dress and look at myself at the full length mirror, i have to say i look good. While standing there a naughty thought crossed my mind...i reached behind my back and unfastened my bra and dropped it to the ground. i peeled my boyshorts off and stood at the mirror again and admired my naked body. i then unfastened my stockings and slid them off my smooth legs and unfastened my black lace garter belt. i pick-up my clothes and fold them up and put them on the table. i pick-up the tiny vinyl maids outfit and step inside it. As i pull it up my body i am amazed that it fits me perfectly and exaggerates my assets, it lifts my breasts and improves on my already sexy cleavage, it clings to my body like a second skin and the skirt part pops up and barely covers my ass. i slide the fishnet stockings up my legs and attatch them to the suspenders hanging from under the dress. i sit down and relise that the dress pops up so if i sit it doesnt cover my ass. i cross my right leg and put the pump on and fasten it around my ankle, i proceed and do the same with the left shoe. After this i stand up and stand in front of the mirror again. The sexy french maid outfit really made me look sexier than i ever believed i could be. my cleavage sticking out for the world to see, the dress barely leaving anything to the imagination. The fishnet stockings and pumps making my legs look sexier than ever. i then snap to attention and remember the last bit of the instruction. i turn to face the door, spread my legs shoulder length and lace my hands behind my head and wait...and wait...and wait...i was getting excited by the tightness of the vinyl and the pumps and the feel of the fishnets and near nakedness of the tiny maids outfit, just as i was beginning to feel i had been forgotten the door handle began to move and the door slowly creak open. i sucked in a lungful of air in anticipation and excitement...


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